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This is where we'll announce recent and upcoming changes and additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed or what to expect in the near future, take a look here first.

Here Now

BPE BMW M3 Valve Train Upgrade Kit
December 22, 2004
Performance Designed BMW M3 Valve Train Upgrade Kits are now in stock! Click on BMW Parts page for ordering details.

BPE Ultra-Light Dodge Viper Valve Spring Retainers
December 15, 2003
Our exclusive Dodge Viper Valve Spring Retainers have been redesigned for even more weight reduction and are now in stock! Click on Viper Parts page for ordering details.

BPE has Racing Head Service cylinder heads
November 11, 2003
We have taken on the Racing Head Service brand of cylinder heads, formerly known as Pro Topline. Those of you familiar with the line know that they are very formidable performers at a very competitive price. Contact us for details.

BPE Dodge Viper Valve Train Hardware
February 7, 2003
BPE exclusive Dodge Viper performance designed Titanium Valve Spring Retainers and Billet Valve Locks are now in stock! Click on Viper Parts page for ordering details.

BPE Garage Sale Parts, now with photos
March 15, 2002
We have added photos to our Garage Sale Page.  Check back for added items

BPE Projects Page, now with photos
October 17, 2001
We have added photos to our Projects Page and new photos are being added on a regular basis, keep checking back.

BPE Digital Imaging
May 29, 2001
We now have digital imaging capability so we can send you pictures of your job in progress, help answer questions, or show problems discovered during inspection.

BPE Garage Sale Prices Falling
January 1, 2001
Garage sale prices are still dropped for year end clearance.  Get 'em while they're hot!

BPE Picture Gallery - New Pictures Always Considered
Check out customer's rides, click on Pictures at left.  If your vehicle is BPE equipped and would like it displayed in our Picture Gallery, we would too! Please contact us.

Coming Soon

BPE Shop Formulas!
We get a lot of calls like "How much will my compression increase if I change from 76 to 64 cc's?" or "How much should I mill to go from 8.75:1 to 9.5:1 compression ratio?  We soon hope to have a page of interactive formulas that will allow you to compute these answers yourself instantly at anytime.


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